Episode 42

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The Ardent Optimist – Across the Sun
The Bane Of Existence – Antagonist
OSI – OSI Office of Strategic Influence
Drunk Driving – The Great American Beast
Baby got back – Metaphisc
Metal Might  Last Empire
This Night Is The Coroner’s – And Hell Followed With
Nuke the Cross – Toxic Holocaust
R. Kelly Peed on Me – Run Bitch Run
Unbreakable – Veil Of Maya



Episode 41

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Matt and Ben put Tony of American Me on blast for the cluster-fuck that was supposed to be Moshfest 2.0 ‘Interview with No Living Witness’.

New World Sinner – U!
Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Vicki Mayhem
Run Bitch Run – Without a Face (You’re Nothing)
The Absence – Enemy Unbound
Only Nightmares – Never Die
Beneath the Massacre – The Casket You Slept In
Wild Boar Cannery – Choke On It
Baroness – Swollen and Halo
Dusks Embrace – Oracle’s Song of Unceasing Wrath
No Living Witness – Interview
No Living Witness – Signs
The Burial – Demons Never Sleep

Episode 40

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No interview today. Matt and Ben’s brother Andy hopped on the show! Thought that would be a good time.


Dusks Embrace – “Imagination’s Cruelty”  Amazon

System Divide – “Vagaries of Perception”   Pre-Order

Never Heard the Shot – “Fo4r-Fi5e-Se7en”

For Today – “Devastator”  Amazon / Facedown

New World Sinner – “U!”  Amazon

All That Remains – “For We are Many”  Pre-Order / FREE DOWNLOAD

Proven – “ALL IN”  Amazon

Accrue – “Exemption”

Cephalic Carnage – “Abraxas of Filth”  Amazon / Relapse

Wild Boar Cannery – “Choke on it”

Ladon – “Shallow Grave”

Regiment 26 – “One with the Dead”


Episode 39

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Covendetta“Even You were Black and White in the Fifties”

Dusks Embrace“Oracle’s Song of Unceasing Wrath”

Amerakin Overdose“Dead Girl on the Dancefloor”

Hunab Ku“The Ventriloquist”

Stillchyld“On My Knees”

Oppressor“Philanthropy No More”

Ironside“No Intervention”

Super Happy Story Time Land “88 Point 8 MPH”

SynSystem“God is War”

New World Sinner “U!”

Thorns of Creation Interview

Thorns of Creation “Crimson Sky”

Proven “Allegiance”


Episode 38

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Matt talks about Warped Tour and Matt and Ben unveil their new show!


Athiarchists- No Call, No Show
Monday with a Bullet – Scent of Your Blood
Regiment 26 – One with the Dead
Cephalic Carnage – Abraxas of Filth
Ladon – Horseman Rides
When We Were Kings – For All those Who Want More
Her Death and After – I Stand Corrected
Return from Exile – This Party’s Never Over
Trance Dance Motion – Amerakin Overdose


Episode 37

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Playlist (Clicking the band name takes you to their page.All links open in new window)

Cinematic Masquerade – Augustine
Can’t Stop Cruising – Old Habits Die Hard
The Deserter – 36 Crazyfists Amazon
This Party’s Never Over – Return from Exile Amazon
Fed To the Wolves – Misery Index Amazon
Last Resort – Mose Giganticus Amazon
May Silence Keep You – Across the Sun Amazon
Choke On It – Wild Boar Cannery
Song 21 Dead Girl on the Dance Floor – Amerakin Overdose
U! – New World Sinner Amazon
Of Solitude – Bring Me Solace
This War – Proven Amazon
Imagination’s Cruelty – Dusks Embrace Amazon
Scars and Felonies – Never Heard the Shot
Shallow Grave – Ladon
Blackness – Metaphisc
The Awakening – Stillfire
The Trial of Benicio del Toro – The Monster Addict
Scent of Your Blood – Monday with a Bullet
What Demons Breed – Almost Is Nothing Amazon

Episode 36

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Matt and Ben hooked up with Issa a short while ago. We discussed early metal influences, their first bands and the shit they don’t wanna admit they love to listen to.

Shout out to Bob from Relapse Records Podcast and Metal Injection for making awesome connections happen for us!

Big ‘what’s up?!’ to Tim Binder of Century Media Podcast! Podcasts began for me with you and Talking Metal!

Don’t forget to go to Boot Fest 3! It’s Boots’ (of New World Sinner) birthday and he wants to party hard! Head over to www.alloypodcast.com and go to the “Upcoming Shows” page!

Clicking on the band name will take you to their site, clicking Amazon will take you to purchase music from the artist.

Brian Posehn
– “More Metal than You”    Amazon

Ditch Digger – “Scream No More”

New World Sinner – “U!”    Amazon

Only Nightmares – “Never Die”

We Have Guns – “Dead Rising”

Her Death and After – “You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar”

Kingdom of Sorrow – “Monuments of Ash”    Amazon

Stillfire – “I’m Yours”   Amazon

Proven – “All In”    Amazon

Issa Interview

Issa – “Split”

Dusks Embrace – “Reality’s Thorn”    Amazon